Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Caltech photos

I gave the Google recruiting tech talk at Caltech yesterday. Afterwards I traipsed around campus.

Jorgensen, home of the undergraduate computer lab. It was the hot hangout in my time, but I hear that now students mainly program from computer in their own rooms. Ode to the loss of forced social interaction!

Cute soda machine. The top middle says "Mysterious Random Soda". The bottom panel says, "Pseudo-Random soda" with a probability formula.

Mural on a wall from my student days. Each of these fish was painted to resemble one of my peers.

Courtyard of Dabney House, known for its hippie lifestyle and tie-dye-wearing denizens. I lived here during all four years of my undergraduate life.

I told two students that I belonged to Dabney, and they eyed me curiously. "You're not dressed like it," said one.

"This is what happens later," I said. "Hippies turn into yuppies."

They pictured their most hippie Dabney friend, morphing into a Starbucks-drinking tie-wearing yuppie, and burst into uncontrollable giggles.

Pumpkins for the Halloween liquid nitrogen pumpkin drop.

Student who agreed to pose as a token undergraduate. Represent!

He's a physics major.

"So you stuck to physics," I said. "Half the incoming freshman class say they'll major in physics, and they all switch to computer science at the end of first term."

"Not quite," he said. "Actually, the incoming freshmen say they'll double major -- physics plus math."


John K. Lin said...

Too bad you didn't have any day photos of the campus. I've visited the Caltech campus once, and thought it was pretty. Of course, not as pretty as Cornell, but pretty :-)

ArC said...

I cannot believe that mural is still there. Man.

Strider Aragorn said...

Don't have your own fish?

Dan said...

"Hot hangout"? Ha.

Were those taken with a cameraphone or something?

An ode is a lengthy poem or song. What do you mean by "Ode to the loss of forced social interaction"?

ArC said...

Did you take any pictures of Dabney?

Tall White man said...



Did you hate Asian men even back then?


Niniane said...

No. I did not hate Asian men then or now.

Niniane said...


"Ode to loss of forced social interaction" is the title of my poem. The ensuing exclamation point is the body of the opem.

Anonymous said...

I was one of the Asian guys that originally criticized Niniane's comments as irresponsible (even though it was an attempt to tease) but it's starting to get old.

Enough already. Stop.

A strong and proud Chinese man

Anonymous said...

Also, I'd like to point out that I've never been as cold as Niniane would have us all believe but I actually followed her outline which yielded positive results with my g/f who happens to be Korean American.

Nineane's only problem was that it should have been directed towards all men, not just Asian men.

A strong and proud Chinese man

Eileen said...

Jorgensen isn't home of the undergrad computer lab anymore, if you're referring to UGCS. UGCS was kicked into a smaller room underneath Winnett. BTW, I was at your Tech Talk at Caltech. It was very informative!

Anonymous said...

to anon above,

That would defeat the purpose of her blog entry, which is to bash Asian men and kiss white men's ass.

ArC said...

anon, please give it up. You're making the rest of us bitter Asian men look bad.

Anonymous said...
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Ben said...

So seriously, about the fish; is one of them you? :D

BTW I have this blog as a live bookmark in firefox and read every entry. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The one that is kissing the white fish's ass.