Tuesday, October 09, 2007


The annual Folsom Street Fair happened two weeks ago, and I attended for the first time.

Many attendees dressed in leather. This stranger kindly allowed me to take a photo.

There were a bunch of naked men at the fair, as well as women in elaborate corsets, people whipping each other with riding crops, etc.

Funny T-shirts. I like the GAP logo changed to say GAY.

This guy was dancing on a platform, and I watched him for a while.

Why is Niniane watching an Asian guy??? Could it be that I'm not actually a self-hating bigot like these forum readers claim? Gasp!

Afterwards my friend and I went to a lovely BBQ a block off Folsom St. I like this tall ceiling and pop art.

I wonder what percentage of people would be willing to attend the Folsom Street Fair. I imagine it's high, like 90%, but perhaps I overestimate people's curiosity.


:-) said...




Anonymous said...

What percentage of people where? 90% of the world? Americans? People who live in the San Francisco Bay area? We're assuming they're already in the area and have the afternoon free, right? Are you including children?

Of Americans, I'd say it's more like 20%.

Strider Aragorn said...

Hopefully I'll be moving to that area at the beginning of the year. Looks like a fun place. So I guess I'm one of the 90% (or 20%) who would go check it out.

Andy said...

Maybe you were watching him thinking "God, Asian men are ugly too. Remind me to add that to the list!"

Niniane said...

No, this Asian guy was cute.

ArC said...

OOC, did you go to Lovefest too?

Niniane said...

I did not go to Lovefest because I was at brunch instead.

Anonymous said...

All this talk about asian men makes me want to go out and fuck an Asian nerd just to see what the big damn deal is.

Anonymous said...

No, you are a pathetic self-hating bigot.

Cracker said...

I am a white guy and actually once in a blue moon I find a white gitl attractive..

Not often but when the moon is just right...

Anonymous said...

ok I went out and fucked an Asian nerd. It was ok.

Hannah Grace said...

I have a solution for your "Asian crisis". Write an equivalent humorous post about Caucasian men. Unless people of course misconstrue that again and you just get double the hate mail.

BTW I think a lot of people didn't like it because it rang true. As in most jokes there's truth to it. However there are just as many generalizations we can make for each race. So, whatever.

BTW I am Asian. Not Chinese though.

Anonymous said...

Niniane would never do that. She loves WM too much to ridicule them.

Anonymous said...


It's funny how the white population doesn't suffer from set racial stereotypes other than they can't dance but you have examples to the contratry such as Justin Timberlake.

Not all of us little minorities can benefit from "white privilage" except for some Asian women who are sucking at the teet of white society.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the reason why there are so few positive Asian role-models in the media is because, as we clearly see in the comments sections of this blog, Asian people spend their time whining and feebly flaming on the web, rather than learning to dance, sing, or play sports.

Anonymous said...

Stereotypes swing both ways.

Asian men are cheap unromantic worms who wants a woman to cook and clean and do not fully appreciate their women.

Asian women are sexually easy, sellouts who chase after whitemen and worship money and status.

White men are sweet talking, romantic BS artists that lie to and use Asian women like Kleenek tissues while mocking Asian men.

All three suck, but who sucks the worst?

Logical said...

Good idea..

If Niniane gets double hate mail

Then they cancel each other out.


You are so logical..

Anonymous said...

Oh, right.

It's all the Asian male's fault for not being able to show up in mainstream America's media system. After all, white people aren't guilty of hamstringing minorities in America. I mean, America has such a great stellar track record on racial tolerance.

When were the Civil Rights and Voting Rights Acts constructed? Oh, yea. In the 1960s which is just shy of 50 years. Guess what? My parents were alive at that time.

You idiots sound just like those people that claimed that the recent noose hanging at Columbia University was done by black people because they craved attention.

Yes, it's because whites are always innocent and cannot be guilty of anything. It's people like you that prolong racism because you refuse to acknowledge it. Or worse, preach "colorblindness."

Anonymous said...

Wow...such strong and hateful feelings here.

Live and let live. There are the good, the bad, and the ugly everywhere.

One thing is for sure though...America's favorite couple on TLC are a Asian male White female couple with 8 kids. He is handsome (I believe of Korea stock)..she is beautiful, and their kids are absolutely adorable. A strong case for mixing it up.

As a white male with a Korean-American wife I take exception to the hateful comments displayed here against those of us who cross pollinate. I have Asian brother-in-laws, sister-in-laws, nephews and nieces. Additionally I have Eurasian nephews and nieces and I love them all and they are all wonderful, educated, and law abiding people. I defy anyone to place negative stereotypes on any of them. White girls drool of my Asian nephews and would be lucky to hook up with one of them. Asian girls too.

Anyway, the owner of this site has every right to her preference for whatever reason. It is a free country which guarantees us the right to date/mate/marry whomever we want. Unfortunately it doesn't apply to gay people yet. The key word is yet. I'm straight but I see no reason in the world to deny anyone the right to marry no matter what gender they are. I would probably draw the line with animals though.

Anonymous said...

I know you mean well but do you have issues with reading and assimalating the information posted before you where the concept of "colorblindness" is derided as a social failure?

Why? It's because it allows one to ignore the problems and social dynamics of racism in North America.

It's like saying the key to fixing the famine issue in Africa is for everyone to eat. It works on paper but it doesn't execute anything like that.

Anonymous said...

lol @ your pathetic victim mentality.

People of every race have excuses for not making the most of themselves.

Failure is color blind.

Anonymous said...

There is a difference between blaming failure on supposed racism -and- the problems that stem from racism and how it affects minorities.

Learn to spot the difference.

Anonymous said...

Are you bisexual?