Wednesday, April 26, 2006

we probably made a funny sight

Today DW and I arranged to go for a jog around the lake next to work. My big fear with jogging outside (other than passing out, which is a fear independent of whether I'm outdoors) is being too cold. Having cold skin and warm muscles makes me itch terribly, particularly in the thighs.

Maybe it's to do with fat distribution, because why else in the thighs??

To combat the cold problem, I changed into 2 layers of long pants (one spandex, one cotton) and three shirts (1 tank top, 1 long-sleeved cotton, 1 long-sleeved flannel). Thus bundled, I proceeded to jog around the lake ... alongside DW who wore shorts and a T-shirt.

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Anonymous said...

it depends on the location of your cold receptors more than fat distribution..