Thursday, April 27, 2006

how to tell if you're Asian

Today Yonatan and I were video conferencing with our coworker in a remote office. As we hung up, we saw our own image projected on the screen.

"Look how much more fair-skinned you are than me," said Yonatan.

One of the most amusing differences I've found between the US and China is that people want to be tanned in the US. It's all about tanning and avoiding tan lines and fake bronzers. This person was probably white and pasty as a baby but now look at her:

In China, every 5th commercial on TV is about how to keep your skin pale. Whitening gels, whitening creams -- not for your teeth but for your face. Even whitening pills, whitening powder (how's that different from bleach?).

Yonatan is also Asian, so I'm pretty sure his remark was intended as a compliment.

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