Sunday, April 23, 2006

they do need contact paper though

Party at Nellie's tonight. Mingjing and I went. Here we are, respectively with other party-goers:

At one point, I was talking to a few Googlers, and mentioning how my mom is in town to help me remodel.

Josh: How long will you keep your condo?

Me: 6, 7 years.

Josh: Why, what happens after that?

Me: I pop out a couple babies and need a bigger place.

Sanjay: That's an image I didn't need.

Avni: They don't need their own bedroom when they're young.

Me: What, I should just put them in a drawer?

Avni: Uh... I meant they can share a bedroom.

Me: No, the drawer is a good idea. Then I just need a chest of drawers. And hey, I can unscrew the knobs on the drawer handle and use the two holes for breastfeeding.

Sanjay: There we go with another image I didn't need.


quinten said...

I wish I knew someone called Sanjay :D

Tom Wang said...

It's your brother's birthday too, by the way.

*Cough cough*.


Josh said...

Good God.