Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Food philosophy w/ coworkers.

Joby: Did you hear they're installing a frozen yogurt machine?

Me: We already have Ben & Jerry's ice cream in the kitchens.

Joby: But frozen yogurt is better for you.

Me: Well ... [explain eating philosophy] ... So if you eat what you really want, you'll be satisfied sooner and you'll end up eating less overall.

Joby: No, I would eat the same amount of ice cream or frozen yogurt. So I'd be either eating three thousand grams of fat, or three thousand grams of sugar.


Piotr Szulczewski said...

As much as I enjoy being compared to a fictional diabolical character one of your 200 readers/day might not have the insight to see the "positive light" emitting from my horns.

I hate censorship, but I must applaud and thank you removing that entry. I hope that via your editing you will make entries relating to me less fictional and more accurate.

tallgirl said...

You have Ben and Jerry's in the kitchen, what more could anyone ask for!