Sunday, April 23, 2006

House makeover

In 3 weeks, my upstairs bathroom sink:

will be replaced by an undermount stainless steel sink on this granite slab:

sporting this charming faucet:

My white ceramic tile shower downstairs:

will be transformed into a lovely green marble or tile, with this showerhead set:

Interior decorating is addictive. You get to shop for cherry cabinets and granite counters and wall paints, and then tell yourself that it's also a financial investment to increase your home value. That's awesome. It's like eating a chocolate-y dessert but yet having it make you skinnier.

In other words, having your cake and eating it too.


Anonymous said...

It looks that you'll have a good material for your sink. However I like your current shower more than the new shower.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Astacia said...

It is addictive - super fun, much more costly than chocolate, but at least it comes to a better end.

Home improvement envy strikes hard. =)