Monday, April 03, 2006

awe-inspiring left and right brain merging

Yesterday I went to the Seattle Asian Art Museum with my coworker Reza. We saw this thousand-armed statue (that fan-shaped object attached to his back is a mass of arms):

I adored the color of this vase (it does lose a little in translation into a photograph):

Then I drove over to Min's house, which may as well have been another museum.

I walked in and immediately dropped all my bags in order to kneel in worship before this painting-in-progress:

HOW? How can one person be that good at computer science AND that good at painting?? It boggles my mind. The pathways between her left and right brains must be busier than the 101 in rush hour.

I forced her to pose with this one of her paintings:

She wouldn't sell me this one for $160 (another buyer had reputedly offered $150):

Oh, she also cooked me amazing stewed meat, couscous, and peach tea.


Can a more talented person exist?

The answer is no.

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The Mayor said...

Hackers and Painters by Paul Graham might be a good read for the good at CS and good at painting dillema :)
(btw, this is a good critic of his hacker&painters essay too)
Love your blog, Niniane (and your pictures of food always make me hungry!)