Friday, July 03, 2009

i thought that was the opposite of liberty

I'm on a weekend trip with friends. Last night, talking in the hot tub:

Dan: [after a long discussion about love] "Okay, now shouldn't we discuss computers or startups, to counter-balance all the talk about girls?"

Omst: "Computers aren't the opposite of girls."

Dan: "What's the opposite of girls?"

Omst: "Death."


ArC said...

Computers are the opposite of love, though.

poutine said...

Is this a setup for some sort of weird, intransitive paradox?

Jack said...

Computers may be the opposite of hot tubs, though. Hot tubs are much more synonymous with girls. Hence the topic choice. Now if you watching, say, one of the "Star Trek" TV series or "24", then computers would definitely be a natural topic. Not girls.