Wednesday, July 29, 2009


About to start playing Starcraft, 2v3 with the "House of Wang" against three entrepeneur friends. While we're waiting for Starcraft to finish installing, Ash came over to chat with Tom and me.

Ash: "What's your strategy?"

Tom: "To win!"

Ash: [walking back to his starcraft laptop]

Tom: "Barring that, the strategy is to lose. Gracefully."

Me: [lol]

Tom: "You clear on the strategies?"


writer said...

Are you guys like really good at StarCraft, playing 2v3 like that?

Niniane said...

Tom is good. I am okay. We trained with MSego & Julie last weekend, in preparation for this starcraft showdown.

Neoncow said...

Well, did you win?! We need details!

gameplayer22 said...

what map? BGH is always fun with friends/family =P