Saturday, July 11, 2009

stats ~ love

Discussing the long-term potential of a romantic partner:

Betsy: "I think it's 0.5% chance it would work out long-term."

Randolf: "If it's below 1%, then just consider whether it would be enjoyable in the short term."

Betsy: "Well, maybe it's more like 2%."

Randolf: "Ah, that makes all the difference. Now you can expect to be married by 80, instead of past 200."


writer said...

Ha ha, that is great. Why do people always focus so much on the "will-it-end-with-marriage" or not question? It's the journey that counts - are you going to enjoy the relationship while it's going on is the important question. If you enjoy things in the meantime, that's the greatest predictor on whether things will end well, despite all the other "bad" factors.

ArC said...

"work out long-term" => "expect to be married"? What about all those couples who get married way before they know if it'll work long term? ... and then some of them find it won't?

I'm not sure what my point is.