Monday, June 29, 2009


I turned 30 over the weekend. On Saturday, my brother took me to afternoon tea at the Ritz Carlton.

Tom, looking earnest.

Finger sandwiches, and little cakes. I like the warm scones with clotted cream.

Relaxed with tea.

They brought out a little cupcake for me.

Tom: "When I called, they asked me to spell your name over and over. I spent five minutes correcting them laboriously, and they ended up just writing 'Happy Birthday N'."

Me: "Is there an N? I think it's an exclamation point."

Tom: "You know the pastry chef probably got a notecard from the phone person, with misspellings of your name crossed out six times, and then 'Niniane' with a question mark at the end."

Sunday morning, a few friends went hiking in South San Francisco. is a great web site for finding hikes.

Picnic breakfast. I am so impressed that Meghana actually packed fried eggs and individual cups of sliced fruit.

Later in the day, I wanted to go hiking again. I requested a place with trees and water. Dan picked Land's End in northwest San Francisco.

Dan called out with relish how the hike contains both trees (pointing at trees) and water (pointing at ocean). I like how you can see the Golden Gate Bridge in the background of this photo.

Good job, Dan! I am surprised the hiking trail was not overrun by tourists. It was actually pretty empty.

The trail ends on the beach.

Then we went to Sushi Bistro, where I ate a lettuce wrap with unagi and sashimi. It's the first time I've seen a lettuce wrap in a sushi place. It was great.


writer said...


1) You were discussing the Eating Contest Party at this tea!

2) Pastry chefs are remarkably poor at the pastry writing. Luckily, a pastry chef's poor writing inadvertently made the "Happy April Fools Day" on the cake I got for April Fools Day look amateurish and therefore appropriately suspicious.

3) That picture at the end, despite not being what one might call a conventionally good photo, is one of the best pictures of you I have ever seen. You should use it on your profile for dating websites and social networks.

sanjuro said...

You mean she looks like a lettuce wrap!? How rude! :O

Sylvain said...

(late) Happy Birthday!

Unagi letuce wrap, what a brilliant idea! Let's see if I can find a sushi chef in the middle-east who will accept making this.

I second @writer about that photo, you need people to take more candid pics of you. No more posing, enough of the public static final GRIN already! ;-)

PS: The value of the captcha below would be [R] rated in french.

randell said...

Belated happy birthday! =)

Rene said...


BPB/PSP said...

All that, and you don't look a day over 22! Happy B-day, Dasein. :)

axea said...

Belated happy birthday Niniane.
May you continue to spread happiness for years to come.

Jeremy said...

Happy birthday.

Anonymous said...

Don't you think it's time to tie the knot?

Alejandro Sierra said...

Yeah, not too late to wish you a happy 30th year!

hmf284 said...

Very Happy (Belated) Birthday! You have such excellent friends & I'm glad you had such a wonderful time!