Saturday, July 25, 2009

sex and the city

Earlier this month, I went to a bridal shower weekend that involved renting a house in Sonoma. I watched "Sex and the City" with seven other women, while working from my laptop.

Den, where we watched movies and SatC.

"Sex and the City" while working turns out to be really enjoyable. I've gotten through seasons 2 and 3 since getting back.

The characters are very believable. There is one part I don't understand though.

=== spoiler! ===
I don't understand why Big is emotionally unavailable to Carrie (won't give her a key or introduce her to his mother or say that he loves her back), but then he gets engaged to Natasha within five months. Maybe he also did those things to Natasha, but she didn't mind?

Also, Carrie is very selfish to cheat on Aidan, then pursue him to get back together until he relents, only to leave him again later. I haven't gotten to the part where she leaves him again, but I watched the movie so I know the eventual ending.
=== end spoiler ===

One of the women made this salad during the bridal weekend. It was amazing! I photographed all the ingredients so that I can attempt to reproduce it.

Wine tasting in Sonoma. $10 for four tastings of wine.


Justin said...

I think Carrie cheating on Aidan just shows that we all have our weaknesses. We like to believe that we will always do the right thing but when the situation arrives we sometimes make decisions that are self serving (What if Big is the one? I can't afford to miss this chance!)...

NOT that I've experienced it first hand of course :)

writer said...

Peoples' relative chemistry to each other tends to differ; we don't react in the same way to everyone. I assume you've found it easier to open to some people and less so with others.

Anyways, I haven't seen the last season and the movie, so now it's been spoiled for me. :-/

writer said...

You might also enjoy this now:

Sylvain said...

I never got over the brown fringed shirt over black super-tight leather pants that Aidan wore in one of his first episodes. He deserves everything Carrie did to him after that terrible outfit.

John K. Lin said...

When does the statute of limitations end with TV series & movie spoilers? Sex and the City (the series) ended in 2004, and the movie in May 2008...

I'd say that there are a few characters who are not so believable or realistic, but certainly entertaining - namely Samantha. But I thought at the end of the series, Samantha's dealing with cancer and her falling in love with Jerrod was quite realistic. (Sorry for the "spoiler!")

Miranda I think is the most believable and realistic character out of the four major characters.

I went to high school with Natasha - aka - the actress (Kathryn) Bridget Moynahan!

I never did understand why Carrie cheated on Aiden.

Charles said...

When you (A) experience X with person B you think you are gaining knowledge about P(X|B). That is because we are self-centered and consider ourselves as part of the initial conditions.

But the reality is that you are only gaining knowledge about P(X|A&B). P(X|B) remains a mystery, as does P(X|B&C).

Niniane said...

That is an incredibly good explanation. Thank you.