Thursday, July 09, 2009

"The Birds" was set in Bodega Bay

Last weekend, I went to Bodega Bay with friends. On July 4, four of us went on a hike. As we set off down the road:

Susan: "We're setting off on our epic adventure."

LG (my former intern): "Epic anything sounds pretty exciting."

Me: "What about Epic FAIL?"

LG: "Oh, epic fail not so much."


Susan: "What happens if it's an epic fail and we get stranded with no way to get back?"

Me: "We'll have to eat the intern."

LG: "What?"

Photo at the beach. LG was very good-natured about our plans to eat him in case of contingency.


ArC said...

Your _former_ intern is still "the intern"? Aw.

(Matt Groening said some on Simpsons DVD commentary track that he thinks of Harry Shearer as 'the new guy' since Shearer came on the show in episode 4 or something...)

Niniane said...

As I said, he was very good-natured about things. :)