Saturday, July 04, 2009


I just discovered GraphJam, while waiting for fireworks. Some of these graphs are pretty funny.


NumericBoy said...

Hello Niniane, my name is Andri and i live in madagascar. I'm a ingeneer in computer science. You're verry impressive in computer science. If you want, i want to be you're pen friend. Sorry for my bed english.

Anonymous said...

This is really fun! Niniane your blog never ceases amuse and entertain!

s said...

It seems rather unlikely (even in a fantasy universe that presupposes the existence of vampires) that "fathers of ill children" has empty intersection with "pedophiles" and "stalkers", but I see how that might dilute the point of the Venn diagram. I'm glad that the whole "watching people sleep is romantic" ethic is getting some negative attention. Our culture's romantic literature corpus already promotes way too much creeptastic behavior.