Saturday, November 18, 2006

we ended up getting a Cranium set

Me: [on phone to my brother] Tom, I need your help. I need one of your skills. You're the best in the world at this.

Tom: [instantly] Eating.

Me: I can do that myself. I'm even better at that than you are.

Tom: That's true. Is it my ability to stay non-stressed?

Me: No.

Tom: Hm... [suddenly, very excitedly] You need me to play an MMORPG for you?

Me: [laughing] No! I'm going to a birthday party for someone on my team tonight, and --

Tom: Ah, you want me to help you pick out a present.

Me: That's right. I've been walking around stores in downtown Mountain View, and all they sell is candles and chandeliers.

Tom: It's not a present for you, Niniane.


Me: I've been asking him to work a lot in the past few days to meet a deadline, and I figure if I meet his wife and kids, then they won't hate me.

Tom: Or it could let them put a face to the enemy.


Anonymous said...

People still get each other Cranium? I thought that was the default gift of choice five years ago. Did they like it?

Anonymous said...

STFU. Cranium is a good game. What kind of lame ass thinks of games in terms of, "like. .omg! That is like, sooooo five years ago!"