Thursday, November 16, 2006

inside the pyramid, and other photos

Inside the Great Pyramid. This is the Grand Gallery, an inner chamber almost as tall as the pyramid.

I like vaulted ceilings.

The wall behind me has the Book of the Dead carved in hieroglyphics.

Ana is the director for a Giza archaeological site, and friends with Brian (our trip host and my dear friend). She explained the history of the sphinx to us, and showed us how archaeologists dig through layers of soil to analyze the history.

Ana explaining to Cheryl and Dan. Ana is unbelievably beautiful. She digs through sand under the hot sun for hours, wears no makeup, and still looks breathtaking. The rest of us try to look good with our eyeliner and mascara and lip gloss. Ana is the real deal.

Julie descending into the Red Pyramid, while the guard raises an eyebrow at the camera.

Brent and Julie at Philae. They live together in Seattle, and have been dating for three years. (Too bad for the anonymous commenter who thinks Brent is cute. Hopefully that wasn't just Alipé trolling again.)

Me: "How did you two meet?"

Brent: "Through Dave. [Dave worked with Brent and me on Flight Simulator.] I thought Julie and Dave were dating."

Julie: "Brent, stop telling people that!"

Brent: "Dave took her to the Microsoft Holiday Party in '03. I was like, 'Dave has a date like that, and I'm here with Steve?'" [Steve is a software tester on Flight Simulator.]

Me: "Steve is a really nice guy."

Brent: [raising one eyebrow] "Anyway, Dave asked me the following Monday, 'Hey, do you want that girl Julie's phone number?' I said, 'Weren't you on a date with her? What's wrong with her?'"

Me: [shocked laughter while glancing at Julie]

Brent: "Then I called her, and I found out what was wrong with her."

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haha awesome story! julie and brent!