Friday, November 10, 2006

signs of getting old


Acquaintance: How old are you?

Me: 23.

Acquaintance: Really? You're so young!


Acquaintance: How old are you?

Me: 27.

Acquaintance: Really? But you look so young!


Anonymous said...

The younger you look, the more tasty, young, muscular flesh you can enjoy.

Anonymous said...

you're really old, so do i.

ArC said...

Someday, it won't even be "But you look so young!", it'll just be "Ah, OK," or "Yeah, that's what I figured." If my experience is any guide, it'll happen sporadically at first and more often as the years go by.

KwangErn said...

Gah, sadly, my days have arrived as "Ah, OK" or "Really?!" or "..."

And I'm not even in my mid-20s. :/

So am sure your comments are good and wouldn't be worst in the years to come. ;)

Besides, it's just a number. Young at heart is most important. WEeeeeeeeeeee~

*runs around in circles*

Amy said...

Poor dear. In my 'middle' age, I look back and remember men gazing at me and making comments. I also remember how often I would get annoyed. Look at ME, listen to ME, stop hooting and whistling and get past my looks.

Now they look less and less and never hoot or whistle. And I miss the attention. I am surprised, and a bit embarrassed, but I really miss it.