Thursday, November 23, 2006

backlog of photos, part 1

I lost my camera USB cable in Aswan three weeks ago. Since my Fuji F30 uses a proprietary cable, my photos were trapped until I got a replacement.

Liberation arrived on Monday! Here are photos from the backlog, starting with dinner in downtown SF two weeks ago:

We bought a round of $10 cocktails as soon as we sat down, but the waitress kept pushing more alcohol. "Bottle of champagne for the table?" "I recommend the martini." "Port to go with your dessert?"

I endured in silence, wishing she would stop. Mike's reaction was different. He invited her to come out to party with us after dinner.

She said no.


House-made ice cream:

The bill came in a lacquer box which also contained flowers. Christina spurred us to wear them for some reason.


Me and Rob:

House party afterwards. An Asian man standing in the kitchen looked over at me a few times, and then crossed the room to start up a conversation.

He talked for a while about being a banker, and dealing with mergers and acquisitions. Then he asked where I live and what I do for a living. We got on the subject of the projects I've worked on at Google.

"What's Desktop Search?" he said.

I told him.

"Does anyone use that?"

"Millions of people."

"Really?" he said. "It doesn't sound very useful."

"Don't use it then."

"I think Google should just cancel it."

"Great, why don't you call up Google and say that," I said flatly.

"Fine, I think I will."

"Fine," I said. Then I added, "I'm so glad you walked across the room in order to tell me this."

We stared off in different directions for a moment, and then I went to go find Christina.

(He's the Asian man in the white sweater to the very left of this photo.)

Christina and I met a girl who is the Asian Brittany Murphy.

For comparison, here is Brittany Murphy. See what I mean?

The host of the party had a shelf of cookbooks. Look at these titles! Are they books for food or for sex?


Anonymous said...

I don't really see how an Asian could look like Britney Murphey -- they eye shape is all wrong. Oh well, whatever makes her feel special.

Kim said...

now i see why you don't date asian men. haha jk.

Anonymous said...

Hi. Just a suggestion.

I have a Fuji F10, the predecessor to the F30. It also has a weird proprietary dongle thing. But I never use it to get the photos out of the camera. That's too awkward.

Solution: get yourself a $20 multiple format (SD,xD etc) card reader that can read the xD cards the Fuji uses for storage, and which can connect via USB2 to your PC.

Then just drop the xD card out of the camera, plug the card into the xD card reader (which will act and display as a drive letter) and then drag and drop your photos into your PC.

MUCH easier, and your photos are never trapped.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like that Asian banker actually gets it. Although, if you want to search locally then get X1 or Copernic since they are much better products than Google's offering.

Nico said...

food.. sex.. some people think they are just a different form of the same primal need.

no matter what people say, don't you think they accompany each other just perfectly?

Niniane said...

To Anonymous with the F10:

Thanks for the card-reader suggestion.

I prefer a USB cable because I can carry it in my purse. A card reader would be great if I kept it in a single location, but I want a portable solution.

Anonymous said...

that asian banker dude needs to get laid

Anonymous said...

This Lexar USB reader is actually quite portable. This way you don't have to use your camera battery during picture transfer.

vince said...

huh, so what is the correct way to approach you?

Niniane said...

To Vince:

Some way that doesn't involve repeatedly insulting my product without ever having seen it.


Anonymous said...

I just read the NY Post this morning where they brought up the drug dealer's race for no real reason but what does the guy's race have to do with the story?

Maybe I'm reading too much into it or because it was just for descriptive purposes.