Saturday, November 11, 2006

U.S. out of my uterus

I'm finally getting around to posting pictures from Becca's "No to Prop 85" party last month. Prop 85 is a California proposition requiring parental permission for teen abortions.

Asians against Proposition 85!

Becca held the event at Mr. Smith's, a bar in the Tenderloin district of SF. Door cover was $10, and she raised several thousand dollars over the course of the night, for doing radio ads reminding people to vote:

Girl dancing on the bar:

The lovely hosts:

In real life, this girl was one of the skinniest women I've ever seen, but somehow in this picture she looks pregnant:

Please, God, don't take away abortions from teens...


The vote was held on Tuesday. I duly submitted my vote against Prop 85, and ... we won!

Prop 85 Defeated

Nov 8, 2006

The Campaign for Real Teen Safety is delighted that California voters rejected Prop 85 and protected the health and safety of our teenagers. California has always been a pro-choice state and the voters saw through this deceptive initiative and said NO to placing our teens in danger. This vote guarantees that all teens, even those from abusive homes, will be able to access qualified doctors, nurses and counselors when they need them.


Anonymous said...

It should be noted that the innocent babies that were killed did not get a chance to vote.

Abortion as a means of birth control just seems totally cruel.

Dave Fourputt

Anonymous said...

Another retard who thinks women use abortion as birth control? Obviously you've never had contact with a woman. Still a virgin, I see, and angry at all the women who have turned you down.

Against abortion = hate women. Plain and simple.

Hank Dagny said...

I have known several women that have used abortion as birth control.

They are not mother-of-the-year material and certainly vote Democrat.

I know women that hate the fact that they are women. They also vote Democrat.

What is - is. Women get pregnant if they have unprotected intercourse.

To kill another human being when you know your actions will cause the death of another innocent human being is murder any other time in our society.

Our society tell women what they can and cannot do with their bodies all the time. They tell men also.

Liberals are forever telling the American public what they can and cannot do with their bodies.

robert said...

Admittedly, I do know women who use abortion for birth control as well. But that is their choice and right. Number one, it is their body and their organs, which they may use however they wish in a free society. Secondly, first trimester fetuses have no minds and therefore do not exist as persons. They cannot think, or feel pain, or experience anything whatsoever. There's nobody home, if you will.

Is abortion ugly? Yep, you bet. So is slaughtering farm animals, but the pro-lifers still like their burgers medium rear with a side of fries (so do I). So, let's get over abortion, shall we? It's really not that big a deal at all.

Dave Fourputt said...


I totally respect your candor and lack of personal attacks.

But what about the rights of the unborn baby? You were once like (in your own words), correct?

robert said...

Dave, you see a person in a fetus, but frankly all I see is an empty shell. There is no being there. Yes, I was once a fetus, but had I been aborted I would've cared about as much as I would have cared if my parents had used a condom on the night I was to be conceived. Any lethal violence done to me before I developed a mind would be no more destructive to me than any action taken to prevent my ever coming into existence in the first place.

I was once very pro-life, so I understand the intense feelings on that side of the issue. But, respectfully, I consider the pro-life position to be fueled by little more than unhealthy sentimentalism. Pro-lifers anthropomorphize the fetus and then torture themselves as they contemplate abortion. This is as wrongheaded as when animal rights activists fret over the killing of animals for food. Trust me, if you tried hard enough, you could emotionally convince yourself that mass carnage occurs everytime the gardener mows your lawn. This is the hell of sentimentalism and it only leads to misery, despair, and pain. It is cured by reason.

Gone too far said...


Anonymous said...

Wow from the comments here everyone either becomes stupid talking about abortion, or no one uses their college education.

I hate the internet! Dumb people have the right to speak.

Walter said...

Without jumping into the abortion debate, I just wanted to point out two mistakes in the original post:

1. Prop 85 would not require parental permission, but rather parental notification if a minor wants an abortion. There is a big difference between the two. Personally, I would oppose either requirement, but I think it's important to be accurate in how you campaign.

2. Mr. Smith's isn't really in the Tenderloin, it's in SOMA. :)

Oh, and I did vote against Prop 85.

Niniane said...

Walter, thank you for the corrections.

Hank Dagny said...

Only women commit abortions. Only men commit rapes. One leaves the human dead. One leaves the human alive.
Who is lower - the rapist or the abortion getter?
Women are supposed to be our moral compass. They start murdering their own offspring just to save their figures and our society is done.

Woody Stiffens said...

I see pictures of 5 women that better learn to Lewinski - and quickly!

Anonymous said...

Keep your legs out of the air and you will never need an abortion.

We do not need more strong black women in this world.

We need strong little girls who learn that birth control is their responsibility not the boys.

He only needs to be there a few minutes while she has to raise a child.

Anonymous said...

When your religous order, (whatever that may be)
takes every unwanted child in the world and raises them with love and caring in a drug free family unit.

Then maybe abortion should be illegal.

But until you put your money where your mouth is STFU.

Anonymous said...

Do you ever ask your self....why am I here.......well why not let those fetus or whatever you wanna call them a chance to come into this world.I´m totally against abortion.I wouldn´s see why womwn these days think abortion is a birth control method.

Anonymous said...

To all those stuped girls who are willing to go through abortion. you need to keep your freaken legs close and stop having abortions.The day you have a child you will regret all the stuped abortions and damaged to the living inside of you.There are alot of birth control methods.For both men and women.

Elroy said...

Let it be known that Hank Dagny is a liar and a fake. He can't stand anyone smart enough to kick his butt in a fair debate. In fact, he won't even let you have a fair debate.

Hank will only debate you on his website, and when you start to show how foolish Hank's arguments are, he starts deleting your comments and kicking you off his system.

Then he claims you left the debate because you couldn't stand up to him.

Twice now, over several years, I've answered his call to debate him, and twice now he or his cronies have censored my messages by deleting them outright.

And yet he has the gall to claim I left the debate.

Hank is a liar who doesn't have the guts to stand up like a man and debate without censorship. But don't take my word for it: look for any posts by me, Elroy, since he started deleting my posts in mid July. You won't find any because he deletes them rather than debate me man to man.

Try it out for yourself. Make enough good arguments and see if he doesn't start deleting you too. Who knows how many people he's deleted and then claimed victory since they don't post anymore (or can't post anymore, as the case may be).

He's a chicken who likes to crow but can't stand true debate or discussion.



Anonymous said...

Did you every get the feeling of, "Why am I here? The world would be better off without me?" Then the truth is, prolly, that your mama thought A LOT about aborting you, and that's why those thoughts haunt you.

You should therefore make up the difference by living a worthwhile life in service to others, especially to those in need. Be a teacher or a nurse or a crossing guard - dammit, and quit snorting that goddamm meth!