Sunday, November 26, 2006

she makes marriage sound so appealing

[First part of this conversation pieced together from two overlapping conversations.]

Mom: "All married couples fight like this. Ask our chinese friends."

Me: "Is that supposed to make me feel better?"

Mom: "A lot of them have it much worse. Remember Ree who runs the clothing boutique in Beijing? Her husband had an affair with a woman twenty years younger. The mistress came to the shop to stir up trouble. Ree had to take her own money and pay off the mistress."

Me: "Why doesn't she divorce that jackass?"

Mom: "Naturally as Chinese people, they want to avoid divorce. Or at least my generation feels that way."

Me: "嫁鸡随鸡, 嫁狗随狗。 (Marry a chicken, follow a chicken. Marry a dog, follow a dog.)"

Mom: "Yeah."

Me: "What a crappy way to live."

... a couple hours later ...

Mom: So! When are you going to get a boyfriend? You should think about marriage soon!


Seneca the Younger said...

Cool, Chinese proverbs now!

Anonymous said...

mmmm... you can tell your mom that you are a lesbian. That way she won't bug you anymore about getting married. :-D

Of course, you need to stand very closely by her side when you tell her, just in case she fainted...

PK said...

Tell her that you already have a boyfriend, and that he's black. That should pretty much end all casual marriage conversations. (I am black by the way, so don't take this as a racist comment)

ricorea said...

Hahahahaa... very hillarious.

My mom: So! When are you going to get a girlfriend?

Asian typical. Im an Asian too and 31 y/o. Have a g/f but dont have a plan for marriage. :)