Friday, December 07, 2012

Minted shirts!

Our shelves of Minted shirts!

When I worked at Microsoft, because there were so few women, the shirts came only in men's sizes. It sent such a loud signal that women were not valued. Is that history now, or are there any companies nowadays that still do this?

If there are still any that do this, and you are a woman who works there:
1. that's awful



Ling Wang said...

The whole "company-clothing-only-supplied-in-men's sizes" is definitely still happening at a certain graphics chip company. But I'm excited for the new minted t-shirts that come in my size! Someone should start an album of Minties wearing their Minted t-shirt all over the world. Or I guess I could start a thread in the forum. That would be cute =)

Melinda Owens said...

It's not always sexism. My graduate program only bought men's shirts, and we had something around 50% women. It's just cheaper to buy one run of shirts instead of two, and the men's sizes are larger, so the women could just order a size or two smaller than they would normally. (Also, women's shirts are much more expensive to buy- some of the price difference is that women's shirts are more fitted and complicated, but some is probably is sexism, but it's not the fault of the people who order the shirts.) I agree that MIcrosoft, though, can afford the extra money.

Melinda Owens said...

Also, I swear, the "men's T-shirts" used to be called just "unisex T-shirts." Now we have "men's T-shirts" and "women's T-shirts" because companies can make more money that way. I have plenty of "unisex T-shirts" in my closet, which are now apparently "men's T-shirts," and I don't feel less female while wearing them.