Sunday, December 02, 2012

Knights of Round Table

E and I walked along Crissy Field today.  It is one of my favorite areas of San Francisco.


She mentioned that one engineer at her work is nitpicking on irrelevant details. My theory is this behavior happens when the vision and milestones are not clear.

It is like how after the Knights of the Round Table rid the land of barbarians, they got bored and began picking duels with each other. When the quest for the Holy Grail began, the knights had a common purpose again and stopped squabbling.

Afterwards we had french toast and scrambled eggs in the Marina.  

It is pretty amazing that I get to live in this beautiful city and eat delicious french toast.  Thank you past-self from a previous life for building up enough karma!


Greg said...

Lands end is another great place to walk in the city, followed by breakfast either at Louies or at the cliff house.

Matthew Bouchard said...

Great photo Niniane! I remember when you just moved to the city and were a bit hesitant about it :) I miss running along Chrissy Field...its so beautiful.