Thursday, December 27, 2012

Botanical gardens

I am in Puerto Vallarta with my parents and brother.  Today we went to Botanical Gardens.

The main attraction of the gardens was eating in the restaurant.  It looks quite magical with water ponds adorned by lily pads.

Tom with pineapple juice and chicken fajitas.  I got chicken quesadillas.

Afterwards we walked for miles along the beach.  People cutting up a big fish!

Me: [to brother] "When I visit you, let's go to the beach in Santa Monica.  I really want a beach umbrella.  I wanted one last time too."

Tom: "Okay, I'll get one.  [suddenly grinning a lot]"

Me: "What?"

Tom: "I bought that beach an umbrella.  Beaches love umbrellas."

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Mark Young said...

Miles, Yael and me came very close to crossing paths with you! We went to the zoo in Mismaloya that day - toyed with idea of continuing down to the Botanical Gardens afterwards but were too lazy. That was the last chance to run into you - we went up to Nayarit next day for rest of vacation. Running into you in SF will have to do.