Monday, December 17, 2012


Today I got LASIK. I was nervous leading up to it, because it is lasers in my eye!  But contacts started causing irritation throughout this year, so I decided to take the plunge.

The procedure of getting my eyes pried open and held in place by an apparatus was pretty uncomfortable.  I definitely had a moment of "Why on earth did I decide to do this??".  It was only a couple minutes though.

The doctor was very forceful in yanking my head around and telling me to stop moving.   It was comforting to have someone be so authoritative, even if they were scolding me.

Then a brief moment of relief, followed by the dread that now it is time to do the other eye.

The laser part was kind of cool.  The light makes neat patterns.

My eyes are still bruised (you can see in the photo) but I can see pretty far already.  It hasn't sunk in yet that I will not have to wear contacts or glasses in future.


Peter Norvig said...

Good luck, Niniane, I hope your vision turns out 20/20.

Yishan Wong said...

OMG you got LASIK

Also I just noticed from that picture that your eyebrows are way better than mine.

Brielle Franklin said...

Awe you look great after your Laser Vision Correction. I looked a zombie after I had my surgery done. It was crazy. At least you look like your healing well! That's always great to see. Hopefully your enjoying your new life being able to see!

Jacob Esparza said...

I had LASIKs earlier this year and can now see 20/15. Using "natural tears" eye drops and resting my eyes every 2 hours for the first month really helped with soreness and halos around bright lights. Hope you recover quickly!

Chandra Sekhar Mallarapu said...

I had to get a stye drained once, and boy, uncomfortable isnt enough to describe the feeling of having the eyes kept open by clamps. Even the couple of minutes seems ages.

Hope you are fully recovered now. Do you still need glasses?

Btw, Where did you get the LASIK done?

stephen larsen said...

congratulations, once youre past the surgery and recovery, the benefits are usually fabulous.