Thursday, July 17, 2008

photos from spring 2008

Tonight I cleared out my digital camera. Here are some photos from this spring:

Quartet of cheesecakes that I ate. That's poppyseed in the middle.

In March, my family looked around this new casino in Vegas. It allegedly set records for how much it cost to build. But it felt so bland! It was like walking around a shopping mall (with waterfalls).

My friend Charles bought a lovely house last month, and I helped him move in.

Me: "You know, now that you bought this house, it's a sign that you're ready to settle down. You're going to be flooded with women."

Charles: "Is that how it works?"

Me: "Yes. It's like getting slashdotted."

Chocolate cake, creme brulee, and tiny milkshake. And I have some kind of hot chocolate or mocha in the cup. I need to consume less sugar. But I remember this food as being very satisfying.

This is the perfect meal. It has every food group.


Bob said...

Mmmmm Cheesecake. A pleasurable weakness of mine. There are only a few pleasures I like more than a good piece of Cheesecake.

Jeremy said...

If you hadn't said it was a casino and showed me that picture, I would've guessed upscale mall. It actually reminds me of Pioneer Place in my hometown of Portland.

You'll know if you have a sugar problem because then you'll crave it constantly.

Melinda O said...

Isn't that a quartet of cheesecakes? Or is one not in the picture?

ArC said...

Could you describe that last photo in more detail? ... as in, what _is_ all of that?

Tom Galloway said...

The Palazzio (sp?), which I'm guessing is the casino in question, was built primarily as a hotel for conventioners (it's attached to the Sands Convention Center as well as the Bellagio). The owner made his big bucks by catering to the Vegas convention trade (see "Sands Convention Center" reference above), which probably explains the relative blandness.

Niniane said...

re: Melinda. It's indeed a quartet. I corrected it.

re: ArC. It's eggs benedict, and caesar salad.

Anonymous said...

which restaurant/place are the eggs and caesar salad?