Saturday, July 26, 2008

avatar humor

At lunch with a few teammates and a Googler "Andre". Andre and I sat at the Google table last year during an industry event, and we've talked a few times since then.

Andre: [long-range ideas for my project]

Me: "These are good ideas. So you used the product then?"

Andre: "Don't you remember, I sent you a picture of my avatar?"

Me: "When?"

Andre: "On the day you launched."

Me: "We talked on my launch day?"

Andre: "Yeah, I sent you an IM. I was surprised you responded."

Me: "I'm surprised too."

Andre: "I sent you a picture of this tall, handsome avatar, and I said, 'I'm picking this guy because he looks like a stud."

Me: "I don't remember this."

Andre: "I was hoping you'd say 'That's good, because you are a stud."

Me: "What did I actually say?"

Andre: "You said, 'That's good, because our product motto is 'Be who you want.''"


Bob said...

So your avatar is of a cute little girl cuddling a pig?

Niniane said...

I'm no longer a "little girl"... :) I do want to cuddle a pig though.

Anonymous said...

Is there a pig avatar?

Niniane said...

Yes. link.

Bob said...

Oh, come on now. I bet there is still the little girl in you.

I am more of a cat person, so I like the cat avatar. Lively kinda brings out the animal in a person. :)

Sofie said...

FUnny Avatar...I was surprise when I saw it