Sunday, November 11, 2007

when giants walked the earth

Today, in my Stanford writing class, the professor said Hemingway claimed he could write a story in six words.

Here is the story:

"For Sale: baby shoes. Never worn."

Hemingway was bad-ass.


Anonymous said...

?? I'm stupid...

Ernest said...

We had a girl not a boy...

ram said...

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Poor sole said...


At the age of 17 Hemingway published his first literary work. He died aged 61, of self inflicted gun shot wounds.


Another tormented writer.


Craig said...

Via Craigslist:

A widow in Concord --- will I get a man? - w4m - 50

ok, that was 11 words...

Niniane said...

Yeah, see, that craigslist ad is not as good.

bene said...

Wired ran an article with contributions from William Shatner, Margaret Atwood, Harry Harrison, and many many more:

Some make references to previous work, most stand alone tho.

Darren said...

That's just awesome, I'm reading the Complete Short Stories of Hemingway and it totally rocks.

John K. Lin said...

Sonogram invented, worldwide baby girls suffer.

:-) (-: said...

Badass is an understatment.

Always putting himself on the edge.
Or finding himself there by circumstance.

Hemmingway survived.

Several wars
4 or 5 serious car crashes
2 plane crashes
Months alone at sea
Sunken ships
Bomb attack
(227 pieces of shrapne)
at least 2 gun shot wounds
Living around the world
Many love affairs
Mental illness

5 marriages
(possibly the worst of all)

He had something to draw from.

Before suicide...

Is Niniane's daring Holoween dress as far as she will push herself for a good blog post?

Stay tuned to see future excerpts when Niniane writes of the serious hang nail recieved while coding top secret subroutines for Google's social network.

Oh the horror!!!


Jen said...

There's a forthcoming book full of these at Hemingway's is by far the best I've read, though.

ArC said...

Bumbershoot ran a contest this year based on that concept.

I wouldn't go so far as to say Hemingway's was the best in this format.

Anonymous said...

He totally cheated - anyone that has read a good amount of EH's work will see those 6 words and go "Ah, Hills Like White Elephants."