Monday, November 12, 2007

my car is apparently a traveling museum

Three little exchanges from my life this past month.

1. At dinner with Nina and Dan:

Me: "I had a really rough week earlier this summer, when everything went wrong in a single week. I was really upset one night during the thick of it, and Dan stayed up until 2:00am talking to me on the phone. I will never forget that, for as long as I live. I mean, he usually goes to sleep at 1:45am, but he stayed up that extra fifteen minutes to console me."

Dan: "Which phone conversation was this again?"


2. Exiting my car with my brother, outside his apartment.

Me: [picking up package of instant noodles from my backseat] "Do you want this yakisoba?

Tom: "It's been in your car for five months, but sure. It's time to give the yakisoba a home."

Me: "By home, do you mean your apartment, or your stomach?"

Tom: "First one, and then the other."

Me: [laughing very hard] "And then the one again."


3. Driving in my car with my brother. I hit the brakes in my car, and an object rolled from the backseat under the driver's seat. I picked it up. It was an extremely withered apple, deep wrinkles lining the surface.

I handed it to Tom. "Want an apple?"

He cupped it in his palm. "This is Apple before Steve Jobs."


ArC said...

Re: the yakisoba...oh, that's not horrible. I was thinking it was fresh noodles like udon, in which case I'd be appalled.

(I guess I am appalled about the apple, come to think of it.)

Prolific Programmer said...

The second story had me laughing HARD

Anonymous said...

Have you had any interactions with EVA in your car? Pics plz?

John K. Lin said...

1. Funny - reminds me of the time a high school friend called me at college in the middle of the night drunk... and didn't remember the next time we spoke when he was sober.

3. Didn't your car smell of a rotting apple??? Sounds like you keep a pretty messy car...

burnt sienna said...

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