Thursday, November 08, 2007


Final Halloween photos for 2007.

People standing in the lunch line next to me.

Off the bottom right of the photo, you can see part of the stuffed sheep that Brad threw at people.

Across the ass of the pants, he taped a banner that read "Super Poke". There was some temptation to poke it with my costume parasol.

One of the few times when I've found a dog cute.

He's wearing a pirate hat, and a YouTube T-shirt.

That's right, his costume is "pirated YouTube videos".

The Eye of Sauron was my favorite costume from Googleween. Because the original character from the movie -- the Eye -- was just so cool. And so hot!

Anyway, here I am defending against the Eye using my parasol.


She taped sentences across her back, including "What an adorable baby", "I like your haircut", and others.

Her costume is White Lies. She said I was the only one to get it, all day. A common guess was "Things that Men Say". :(

Some Googlers will understand why this costume is so hilarious.

Unabomber, complete with badge photo of the Unabomber.


metal said...

thought the facebook guy was lance armstrong.

how silly of me

Anonymous said...

Yeah, my first glance was - good Lance Armstrong costume!

ArC said...

The costumes are all pretty cool. In the first picture, woman on the left: is she supposed to be Sarah Walker from the "Chuck" TV series, or just a traditional European costume of some sort?

What's with Facebook guy's sheep?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Unabomber looks just like one of the dudes in this video.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

That dog looks like a version of surf and turf. I won't mention in the typical stereotypical way.

Anonymous said...

The sheep thing's funny as hell.

Anonymous said...

I hate to say this. But the eye is
pornographic. You should look up Everybody Loves Ramon episode on a similar topic.