Thursday, November 22, 2007

best thing I've seen in Taiwan

Walking along the street in Taichung tonight, we passed this shop:

The window sports a faded poster which looks like it's been hanging there for at least ten years.

The chinese line down the left-hand side reads: "BEAUTY begins at your fingertips."

I nearly died.


Anonymous said...

If that's the best thing, then you really got problems, girl.

Todd Beaupre said...

Hee hee!

William said...

ooohhh myyyy goddd..

well, it's actually not that uncommon to see incorrect grammar and English around TW. Even public buildings AND TV shows would misspell something really elementary.

But then, most are degrading, but this one is hilarious.

Anonymous said...

waaay too long!

John K. Lin said...

At first, I didn't see the top part of the poster and was wondering - what the hell is so funny about the translated line "Beauty begins at your fingertips."

"When was the last time you really god nailed" - OMG, that was funny. I still think I've seen the worst (and funniest) "English" in Japan though.

Tim said...

That's great stuff! I submitted the poster image to since they have lots more like it :)

Looking for answers. said...


We all beg for the answer.

Tell us..

When WAS the last time you REALLY got nailed?

And can where can we find the footage?