Monday, December 25, 2006

who protects against the protectors

I ate dinner with my cousin (and 27 other relatives) on Saturday. When she learned that I work at Google, she said, "Didn't an unfortunate thing just happen in the Google Beijing office last month?"

"What's that?"

"One of the female employees was raped and murdered by a security guard."

"What?" My eyebrows nearly flew off my head.

After additional rounds of conversation that pulled in three more cousins, we determined that it actually happened at Baidu, the Chinese search engine company that is a strong competitor for Google.

As soon as I got back to the hotel, I searched for it. I couldn't find it on Google News, and had to do three searches on Baidu before I found an article.


In the evening of February 17 of this year, Han Wang was on duty when he learned that company employee Pingping (name changed) was sleeping in the conference room due to working overtime. After 1am on the 18th, Han stripped off his clothes outside the conference room, swiped his cardkey, and went inside.

When he removed Pingping's clothes with malicious intentions, he startled Pingping awake. Pingping ran outside loudly screaming for help. Han followed her and stabbed her numerous times, causing her death.

This sent shivers along my scalp. How many of us have slept in our company conference room (or in Google's case, massage room)? Many a time have I lauded the haven of the massage room: firm table to sleep on, blankets, aromatherapy candles. I consider it safer to sleep at work than in my own house, due to the cardkey-locked doors, security cameras, and of course the guards.

The security guard was only seventeen years old when he committed the crime.






Newspaper: Allegedly when the event happened, you hesitated outside the conference room door for a long time. Why?

Han: Making up my mind whether to go in or not.

Newspaper: In the end, how did you decide to do it?

Han: Not clear. At the time, I completely lost control over myself.

Newspaper: The court verdict says you attempted to take advantage, and after meeting resistance, killed the victim. Do you feel this is accurate?

Han: It's accurate.

Newspaper: Have you ever had a girlfriend?

Han: I've had one.

Newspaper: You split up after the event happened? Or you're still together?

Han: (a period of silence) I don't want to answer.

Full article in Mandarin.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good reason to stop being a loser and actually go home. I always wonder about people who think they are so cool because they stay at work the whole time.

CUCUMBER said...



Niniane said...

To: Cucumber,

为何觉得我引用这篇文章不妥当? 只是为它是负面新闻吗? 我想说明大家应该谨慎一点儿, 不要认为公司总是安全的.

(Why do you feel that quoting this article was inappropriate? Just because it's a negative news article? I wanted to express that we should be alert, and not assume that it's always safe at the office.)


x said...

[to cucumber]:

(I also habitually read Niniane's blog. The cited news article is from February, but it does not detract from the seriousness of the situation. I hope everyone will be more cautious at their workplace. This news article gave me the chills!)

Seriously, wtf were they thinking hiring someone so young to be a security guard? Would you feel safe w/ a 17 year old guarding your company at night?

-x, disgusted