Thursday, December 21, 2006

as long as the punches are symmetrical

At sushi lunch to bid farewell to our intern.

Ryan: "Are there any major celebrities these days? Seems like they're dwindling."

Me: "Paris Hilton. According to Google Zeitgeist, she's the most newsworthy celebrity."

Ryan: "As a man, I don't even find Paris Hilton attractive. She looks like someone punched her in the face."

Ike: "I don't think that's what guys mean when they say, 'I'd hit that.'"


Anonymous said...

They only said that because you're a chick and you were standing around, and they think that it increases their chance of getting into your pants if they say Paris Hilton is ugly.

She's not supermodel material, but she's a tall, blonde, slender, mildly attractive young woman. If she was walking down the beach in a bikini, those guys would be drooling. Until they find out it's Paris Hilton, which they associate with skankdom, and they'd wipe the drool from their mouths and deny any attraction.

hahah. guys are soooo predictable.

Anonymous said...

Check out her plastic surgery

Anonymous said...

Paris is hot..

Except for the asymmetry of her eyes.

That is my first attraction.

The face.

When it is not symmetrical
I lose all interest.

I know not why...

But is bugs me deep inside.

Not just her... Anybody

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the lazy eye.

Anonymous said...

A Harvard study found that looking at attractive people activates a pleasure center in the brain usually triggered only by food, drugs, and money.

Niniane will appreciate this.

It explains her insatiable hunger for...