Saturday, December 16, 2006

best-looking software company in North Cal

Last night I attended a party filled with the most beautiful people. It was held at the Asian Art Museum. I walked in and my head started spinning. Tall men wearing suits and tuxedos, standing next to beauties in slim cocktail dresses. And everywhere, everywhere the glint of cleavage.

It was the company holiday party.

The food was phenomenal, much better than at the Google holiday party. Cups of chocolate mousse, vanilla mochi, brownies.

"Do people show this much cleavage at work?" I asked.

"Not quite this much, but -- " Clara nodded.

"How do you get any work done?" I looked at Clara's 22-year-old QA engineer coworker.

"That's a good question," he said. "It's hard sometimes."


Anonymous said...

how come you wear nothing in the photo...

ArC said...

"It's hard sometimes."

Did your inner 12 year old crack up on hearing this? Mine did.

xenoturbella said...

It might have been a last-ditch attempt to outshine the effulgent radiance of her hostess. Check it: at the last minute, she glides forward at an oblique angle, just in front, hitting the Fastex quick-release buckle on the dress while pivoting towards the camera; as the entire parabolic concavity of pallid flesh is brought to bear, the photo washes out entirely. We see: the glowering shadow of our hostess, behind a lit magnesium flare with perfect teeth and two adorable plum cheeks. Score!


Erica Joy said...

Food better than the Google Holiday party? Color me impressed.

Adam Lasnik said...

Ahem, Niniane, what are you trying to say about us Google guys?! :o