Friday, December 01, 2006

party time

My team slaved our asses off this week (16-hour workdays), and it's time to relax.

Friday is the Google Holiday Party. I'm taking my brother. There's a pre-party in the Mission, and an after-party at a nightclub. Also, E invited Sha-mayn and me to a bar where Googlers will meet up during official party hours, as an alternative. He promised to buy us rock lobsters. We got excited until he clarified that it's just a drink called the Rock Lobster.

Me: So we're going to pre-party, party, during-the-party party, and after-party?

Sha-mayn: I can only do the last three.

Me: Weak!


I don't have a dress to wear yet. I bought this one off Victoria's Secret online:

It arrived and fits great, but the texture is wrong. It's a cotton fabric, a regular-night-out dress. This year I want to go over-the-top for the Holiday Party, since I missed Halloween by going to Egypt.

I want my dress to be so princessy that people look at it and say, "Are you fucking kidding me?"

Like this:


Anonymous said...

When I read that last line I nearly sprayed coke all over the screen. Thanks for the laugh! Hope you found that dress.

girlrobot said...

pics when you find that omg dress! hehe

Anonymous said...

Couldn't get a real date?