Saturday, December 02, 2006

low expectations = easy to exceed

Philipp at Google Blogoscoped ran a comic strip speculating on my work project.

How did you know, Philipp? I call it Google Fly Simulator (GFS).


Andy Beal said...

Flies...I knew it was either flies or an ant farm connected to Google Maps. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Seems to capture things pretty well I'd say.

Anonymous said...

Niniane was very proud of her triple entendre and wanted me to explain it to all of you, because many people might not get all the references. So here we go:

"Google Fly Simulator" is a reference both to the Google File System (which has the same acronym GFS) and to Microsoft Flight Simulator (which Niniane worked on), as well of course as describing her alleged project in the Lenssen comic.

Anonymous said...

why do google people think they are so clever?