Friday, September 08, 2006

when men cry

I think it's sweet when a man cries. Not as in depressed sobbing:

but when a confident man sheds tears, I find it really attractive. For example, imagine that Ryan Phillippe is crying in this picture:

That's hot.


Last month, I was discussing this with David A. during happy hour:

Me: It's so endearing when guys cry.

David: You wouldn't say that if you saw it in real life.

Me: I've seen all of my exes cry. Recently, X cried twice during the week that we dated.

David: What?

Me: Yeah, once because he felt guilty, and the other time after I let him read my novel-in-progress.

David: [scoffing noises]

Me: What? I think it's sweet!

David: Crying is not sweet.

Me: Sure it is.

David: If I were you, and the guy cried, here is what I would say: 'Crying is pathetic. YOU are pathetic! Get out of my face.'


Well, gentle reader,

What do you think when a man cries?

That's sweet!
That's pathetic!


mark said...

If anyone insults Niniane about this post, I will cry.

Anonymous said...

Well I will come out of lurking to say that it really depends on the situation. Therefore a more detailed poll would be helpful. For example:

1. If a guy cries at the funeral of his best friends mother: pathetic? sweet?

2. If a guy cries at his college graduation: pathetic? sweet?

3. If a guy cries after hearing the latest news about the bird flu: pathetic? sweet?

4. If a guy cries when he pulls up to the gas pump and sees the disgusting prices: pathetic? sweet?

5. If a guy cries after getting a scratch on his newest CD: pathetic? sweet?

Step said...

I'm a guy. Therefore I can't legally vote for "sweet". (just kidding!)

However, I definitely don't think it's pathetic. Well, in most cases anyways. Then again, maybe I'm just saying that because I cry....

Anonymous said...

tooo few options, but pathetic is better...

if a man cries too much - >= 1 time per year - you must be careful, it is a trick!

Anonymous said...

tooo few options, but pathetic is better...

if a man cries too much - >= 1 time per year - you must be careful, it is a trick!

Anonymous said...

Was he crying because he knew your next question was going to be "what do you think about my novel?"

Anonymous said...

If I cry for you, will you give me Sara's phone number?

Anonymous said...

Of course it's ok to cry at someone's funeral, or if something serious happened. But otherwise it's pathetic. I'm an equal opportunity hater - it's pathetic for girls, too.

KE Liew said...

Any guy would cry for a motive. :)

On a more serious note, it's such a pathetic question to ask. A proper directional question like the 2nd poster is much better, but then again, it delimitates the person's character which has an effect to the whole sweet vs pathetic argument.

Anonymous said...

I really do not think crying is pathetic. I appreciate when a man is able to cry and he doesn't hide his troubles inside. Of course, when he cries too much -> something is wrong with him, but - in my opinion - crying is really important thing in human being! I think it is sweet when a man does not ashame that he cries. Not only in loneliness but when he is able to come to his girlfriend, nestle to her and start crying because of an important reason. It is better to divide troubles with somebody, that really helps.