Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Gloria ... Steinem... Mind exploding.

Gloria Steinem is giving a talk right now at Google. I am watching it over video conference from New York. I wish so badly that I could be in Mountain View to see her in person!

She is 73. She is articulate and positive. She is so beautiful. She defies age.

She just described a female Senator, the first one to be pregnant during her term, who said on the Senate floor, "I have a brain and a womb, and I am going to use both."

I have been a fan of Gloria Steinem since I was 13, when my high school English teacher Ms. Cartwright assigned Steinem's writing and Feminine Mystique.

In class, Ms. Cartwright showed us a picture of Gloria Steinem at 50. Steinem walked into her 50th birthday party, and said, "This is what 50 looks like." We passed around the photo in class, and my teacher said, "Most of us would like to look this good at 18." It was true.

Hearing her speak is blowing my mind.


Anonymous said...

Niniane you too are an inspiration for all of us girls in tech. You make a great example. By having this blog you break a lot of preconceived notions about what it means to be a great software engineer. And it gets just a bit easier for the rest of us. Thank you.

Anita Dick said...

That ain't ALL she's Blowin'! Men rule !!!

Anonymous said...

"The truth shall set you free."Both of you had said.