Sunday, September 03, 2006

step aside, Bobby Fischer

Tom: Thresh came to speak at Stanford two months ago.

Me: Oh yeah?  I hear that in addition to being Quake champion of the world, he's a pretty cool guy.

Tom: Have you ever watched a video of him playing?  He's so good.  He can anticipate four moves ahead.  He knows if he shoots a rocket at this angle, the opponent will have to duck into the next room.  Then if he chases them, they'll have to strafe to a particular spot ... By the fourth move, they're backed into a place where there's no way for them to avoid getting killed by him.

Me: Cool.  I wonder if he won enough money from tournaments in order to do nothing but play Quake for the rest of his life.

Tom: I'm sure he could.  I bet someone would be willing to pay money to support him.

Me: A true patron of the arts.

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Derrick said...

Actually he started a company called Xfire that was acquired by MTV for over $100mm.

No need to beg for quarters for Dennis!