Sunday, September 24, 2006

orkut's best party yet

Getting ready for White Party. Sara with Karey, who insisted on sleeping instead of coming out with us.


Poster for the party, on the entrance door. Orkut and Derek spent three hours doing this photo shoot.


Candles + mirror = art.

One of the most pragmatic couples I know. Omar and I had an insightful conversation about life and pressures.

Sara, me, Christina.

This is what happens when people know you have an ab fetish. Instead of saying hello, they just walk up to you and lift their shirt. (I ain't complaining.)

Let's encourage that some more. You know why this pic is here.

A girl doing a shot from the ice sculpture. There's a model who pours vodka into the top, and you suck it out the ice sculpture's you-know-what:

Me with my personal trainer. I felt obliged to give her a workout report. "I walked a mile every day in New York to and from the Google office!"

Another great couple. I ask Nikhil when he's getting married, and his stock answer is, "We're not getting married until gays can get married!" Awesome.

Scene from the loft area:

Pics of the girls.

Manu got this shirt made, expressly for the party. The apartment is called Studio 767.

With the host. Orkut, showing us what it means to throw a party in style.


Anonymous said...

Sure would like some more pics or stories that include Karey.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Nikhil's girlfriend said, " No more sex for you until China is a democracy" then he would see how degrading and how insipid his comment is. Poor girl. She deserves better. Perhaps at the minimum a real partner, one who puts her considerations and feelings at least above random political musings. Is she really in total accord on this? What if she really wants to marry him, and start having a family? Are they equals in the relationship, or will he still insis that his poltical goals come first? Should she still stay silent and walk ten paces behind him until...what? Until he tires of tilting at windmills? Until it is too late for her to have children? How long should she subjugate herself and her life goals in their relationship to something so banal and uncontrollable as politics? Nikhil's answer is rediculous. I think what he means is, "Why buy the cow, if you can get the milk for free?" She should fire him.

Anonymous said...

Where'd you get that shirt?

Anonymous said...

Great party pics, you rock

Anonymous said...

You make every engineer want to Google :-)

Anonymous said...

Owww I wish I have beautiful personal trainer like the one you have!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous2: I seriously can't even view life with your eyes. How does marrying someone make you a "real partner"? Marriage is just a piece of paper, a ceremony. It doesn't change anything. And you can have children without a marriage.

To quote you, staying silent and walking ten paces behind him is the same to me as waiting until marriage to feel that you're in a real relationship.

By the way, I'm a female.

Anonymous said...

Brad Pitt also said the same thing "We're not getting married until gays can get married!". I guess the claim is getting too not original now and becoming funny and SO OLD....

Anonymous said...

The statement of "we're not getting married until gays/everyone can marry" is so lame. He should have said, "we're not eating until everyone has food"

Same dress for Sara but she's still smokin' - I have a growing appreciation (no pun intended!) for Christina though. You are lucky to go out with them.

Curious said...

Just curious to know...

There is a mail floating claiming that Orkut created the networking site just coz., he could locate his girlfriend and it turned out to become so popular !

Is that really true and if yes, did he find his girlfriend at all ?