Tuesday, September 12, 2006

i want a tattoo that says "goatse.cx forever"

During dinner at Google.

Tom: In the Mac operating system, you can change the image that's displayed during a kernel panic. There was an engineer at another company who got tired of his teammates introducing kernel panic bugs. So he changed the image to goatse.cx. You'd be debugging, and a kernel panic would happen and then goatse.cx would fill your screen!

Me: Hee hee!

Tom: The number of kernel panic bugs checked into the codebase went down dramatically after that day.

Me: I bet.

Tom: Can you imagine that happening while you're doing a demo for customers?

Me: Oh my God, during Press Day! Or during the annual stockholder's meeting.

Tom: I wonder how fast your stock price would fall.

Me: You'd be doing your demo, then suddenly kernel panic and goatse.cx! You'd lament, "There's nothing that could be worse than this!" Then you'd switch to a screen showing your stock price plummeting through the floor.

Tom: The plummet would be so fast that you'd underflow and then kernel panic again.

Me: But compared to the picture of the stock price, you'd look at goatse.cx and breathe a big sigh of relief. Whew! Much better.


Drew: The Security Geek said...

Erm . . . you don't read Slashdot? Here:
(Note: No "goatse" in that URL.)

Tom's story is probably apocryphal, but *could* be true. Either way it's funny, though.

Anonymous said...

Tag this "story" as LAME.

jake said...

It's hard to belive me, a nine year old has actually seen that.