Tuesday, September 05, 2006

fuck buddies: coming soon to a country near you

Saturday I bid farewell to my young basketball friend Lu (or as Alipé called him, "Fuck Buddy" boy). (Note to readers too lazy to click the link: Don't interpret this the wrong way! He was not MY fuck buddy, just a figurehead for the idea.)

Lu is flying back to Beijing, to the land of slim beautiful Chinese women to whom he can now spread the fuck buddy concept.

(Yes, gentle readers, I know some of you will be furious over my glee at evangelizing immorality to a nation. I'm ready for the 50 angry comments. BRING IT.)


As a goodbye lunch, Lu came out to dim sum with me and my brother. The two of them:

Outside the restaurant, me with Lu:

Lu was so kind to me during our league's last basketball game. It was a playoff game three weeks ago, and our opponent was a team that defeated us two weeks prior. They had eight players, and we only had six. So we were able to do fewer substitutions.

When the score was at 11-11, my team swapped me back in. I grudgingly agreed, and responsibility lay heavy on me to not do stupid things.

As I was running onto the court, Lu said something to me from the sidelines. It was so kind, and it was in Mandarin, and I probably will never again hear the like, because Chinese-speaking guys are not that complimentary. He said, "加油 gorgeous."

加油 has no real English translation but roughly means "go for it".

I was really touched.

Then we lost the basketball game.


Anonymous said...

Umm, I know that restaurant. Did you wear throw away shoes? Cuz the carpet is really really sticky (kinda like walking on duct tape).

Anonymous said...



be cool be easy, here has already a fuck buddy culture for post-1980 people, can u belive it?

Anonymous said...
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A said...

Hmm, i dont know if I am the only one who noticed, but ur brother has a bit of skill in winking one of his eyes niniane.

winking involves closing the eye lid as well as raising a bit of cheek, but ur bro seem to be able to just close eye lid. wow. (i tried for 10 mins but doh! cant do it)

Anonymous said...

A better translation for 加油 is step on the pedal, or step it up. Literally, it means add gas.

KE Liew said...

Fuck buddy or not, they are the ones who takes on the responsibility, integrity and respect. ;)

cutebanana said...

加油 = jia yiu = add oil / gas / whatever

you do look gorgeous, always