Thursday, September 14, 2006

a difficult morning

Yesterday Cisco held an all-company meeting at Amphitheatre down the street from Google. Shoreline, the road many Googlers take to work, was completely backed up.

My 6-minute commute turned into 40 minutes. At one point, I realized that the the driver of the car stuck next to me was Kan, the Google Desktop PM. We rolled down our windows and had a nice chat.

I got into work, and found an amusing email thread "Shoreline? WTF?!".

The next email thread is a warning by a Googler that they spotted a snake near their building.

Within 10 minutes, the servers grind to a halt. My email is down. There's some kind of network outage.

My coworkers and I lamented. It takes an hour to drive to work, the network is down, and there are SNAKES on campus! And it's not even noon!


Anonymous said...

Maybe cisco is moving into the search space, and this is a pre-emptive strike.

Anonymous said...

You wanted SGI's campus now welcome to all the problems! Just be glad the Dead aren't around any more... although there is Phish, dirty hippies!

Bruce Murphy said...

At least your snakes are relatively harmless :)

Anonymous said...

I got caught in that csco traffic jam yesterday too. My normal commute (central - 85 - 101) took 4x the normal. When I asked a csco friend what was going on he said the normally low attendance company all-hand mtg was floaded due to the promise of free lunch and a t-shirt with the new corp logo (which insiders are calling the "hello kitty" logo ;-). Apparently this new logo is supposed to be more consumer-friendly. What do you think:

p.s. Please, please, more pics of the lovely Sara. :-)

ArC said...

Wow, no jokes about "Snakes on a Plane" yet? That movie really did fizzle out.

Anon: Cisco people were bought off with a lunch and a T-shirt?? ... ok, that actually is a nifty logo.

Albert said...

A MS employee had the same complaint about Cisco, here.

Ben Poon said...

That MS employee complaining about Cisco being idiotic is me =]. Saw a visit to my blog from your site, so I just wanted to say "Hi."

-From your friendly competition down the street