Tuesday, September 05, 2006

photos of a lovely night

Getting ready to go out to a birthday party at Mr. Smith's club / bar.

Sara in a white sweater dress. There are no words. It couldn't even be captured on film. This is a pale shadow of what it looked like in real life:

Black and white:

At the club, a MIT graduate (friend of a friend) danced near us, then ducked down. We thought he was picking up something, but instead he darted over and fondled Sara's leg. What is MIT teaching these days??

Happy birthday John.

We ended the night at Pizza Orgasmica in the Castro. A long line of cute gay boys. The place was so popular that it had a bouncer. Yes, THE PIZZA PARLOR HAD A BOUNCER. Only in San Fran.

Here is a pic of said bouncer:


Anonymous said...

Did you see Peter in the Castro?

Anonymous said...

You must have a lot of self-esteem to be photographed next to Sara. She destroys average looking women.

chinadoll said...

I think , wearing anything tight and in white needs to invest specifc undergarments. ;-)