Monday, June 08, 2009

supernova in your eye

One of my friends is considering a job switch. He made an updated resume and sent it to various software companies.

Friend: "I feel like Silicon Valley judges your resume less by your actual skills and more on how hot your current company is."

Me: "Hehe, you have a point there."

Friend: "I bet some recruiters aren't even reading the resume carefully. They just see how much hotness jumps off the page."

Me: "Yes, you should take advantage of your current hotness."

Friend: "They're asking themselves, 'Is this mildly scalding, or is it a supernova in my eye?'"


writer said...

This is such a naive thing for recruiters to do. I mean naive beyond doing it instead of evaluating you based on your skills (which they're not very good at doing based on a resume either).

If you are at a currently-hot company and you are looking for another job, there is a non-trivial probability that you are very likely to be one of the people there who is NOT contributing to the company's current success and have fallen into active disfavor and have gotten the message that you need to go elsewhere. If a company is hot, the good people typically aren't the ones looking to leave.

Jeremy said...

I wholeheartedly disagree. I recently went through the job search process and could quickly tell that it's a buyer's market. If you didn't have the exact skills they were looking for, you wouldn't get the job because they can afford to wait for that person to apply.

They don't care where you worked before as long as they get a sense that you made a meaningful contribution and have applicable skills.

I agree with "writer" that those looking to abandon a perfectly seaworthy ship will be put under the microscope. Why would you try to upgrade your job in this market? Heck, my brother may need to move to North Dakota because it may be the only place he can find a job.