Saturday, June 13, 2009

When visiting my parents two weeks ago, I saw a photograph in the upstairs hallway. It was of me at eight years old, holding a six-month-old Tom. I took a photo of it, and later showed it to Tom:

Me: "You must have weighed 15 pounds. I'm surprised I could carry you."

Tom: "You were stronger back then."

Me: "What?!"

Tom: "You could lift me up back then, and you can't now."


ArC said...

You could have replied: "Maybe it's just that you've gotten fatter!"

So what did you say, anyways?

Mike K said...

LMAO !! Your brother is quite good with words haha.

a round house said...

Your parents may beg to differ, but you look like such adorable children. :)

DF said...

Even then you didn't look at the camera straight-on.