Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Aziz Ansari

Last night, I watched a live standup comedy routine by Aziz Ansari. It was a one-night performance at the Punchline club in San Francisco.

It is hard to believe that a single human can be so funny.

He joked about how he's addicted to using his phone at stoplights. One day his parents will get a call that their son died in an automobile accident while googling his own name in quotes.

I hope next time he googles "aziz ansari", this blog post shows up in the results! And that he leaves a comment on this post. Because he is the funniest person that I have seen in person.

Partway through the show, Aziz took out his cell phone and said he was dialing Kanye West. He asked Kanye for permission to tell a story involving him. (My companion said he attended this same show two months ago, and the material was similar but there was no phone call.)

One audience member asked him to put Kanye on speaker phone and have him sing. Aziz said into the phone, laughing, "Did you hear that? No auto-tune!" Then he put the phone into speaker phone, and the person at the other end sang a verse from "Heartless".

I was very excited at the thought that maybe it really was Kanye. But Kanye doesn't have a Twitter account to update the world on his every movement, so I cannot verify.


Lodovico Valentini Perugia said...

I see! His face is really expressive. Molto simpatico!

Hung said...

Aziz is really funny! You should watch him in Human Giant if you want to see him in weird sketch comedy situations.

John K. Lin said...

I saw him relatively recently when he was on Jimmy Kimmel Live:


Aziz Ansari said...

Hello there, Niniane! This is Aziz Ansari (for real) - I did just find this page when I googled for my name - so you work for Google, huh? Thanks for your great review of my show and hope to meet you sometime in person at another one!

Jason said...

Now Niniane will need a confirmation that this Aziz is the real one via twitter.

NumericBoy said...

Niniane you're so cute !

Anonymous said...

If you like Aziz Ansari and you live in the Denver area, He will be performing at Comedy Works downtown November 13th and 14th.