Sunday, June 07, 2009

birthday costume

Our friend Lily's birthday was last week. We surprised her with a Gossip Girl themed party.

Omar decided to dress up as a character from the Gossip Girl show. He picked his favorite character, the 15-year-old Jenny:

Here he is, as Jenny:

I think he did a great job on the costume. I helped him put on the smoky eye shadow and smoldering eyeliner:

Adit brought a birthday cheesecake:

We also took a freeze frame of the women from the show:

Prasanna's colleague Michael photoshopped Lily in place of the third woman. Then we found the Gossip Girl font and used it to write a note:

We had it printed onto an ice cream cake.

It was vanilla cake with strawberry ice cream:

Lily was pretty surprised.


John K. Lin said...

Printing on an ice cream cake - very cool! I didn't even know that was possible until now! Excellent Photoshopping!

minggie said...

wow, the cake is awesome. Could you share with us how is it done -- I mean the picture on top? Thanks!!

p said...

the credit for the photoshopping should go to michael li. he doesn't know lily but spent two hours trying to get it right and did a damn good job. it's a good thing we hire perfectionists ;).

Jeremy said...

Damn. That cake turned out really well. Is that something most bakeries can do or did you have to hunt around for one?

Your friend Omar nearly nailed the costume, but needed a little more cleavage.

Anonymous said...

That dude have a huge nose.