Saturday, June 27, 2009

eating contest!

My brother and I have been invited to an eating contest!

In high school, Tom ate a pound of chocolate in 22 minutes to win a bet. Last month, his Sims 3 team held a contest to eat 30 chicken mcnuggets within an hour. He came in second place, finishing in half the allotted time.

The contest is in August, in Mountain View! Discussing the contest with my brother, over tea:

Me: "I'll make a war banner that says WANG in chinese."

Tom: "And I'll bring mustard and ketchup, and use them as war paint." [mimes streaking paint onto his cheeks]

Me: "Okay. I'll pick a theme song too."

Tom: "This is so much setup. What if I eat one hot dog and I'm done? You'll still be trying to extend the war banner, and the song won't even be playing yet."


Later, chatting over IM with the eating contest host:

y.w.: say hi to your awesome-sounding brother for me.
niniane: ok
niniane: my brother says hi back, in an awesome-sounding voice
y.w.: cool. i imagined guitar riffs playing as he said hi.

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John K. Lin said...

Is this eating contest a public event?