Tuesday, July 03, 2007

more than meets the eye

Google bought five showings of "Transformers" today, and handed out free tickets to employees.

Walking to the theatre parking lot afterwards.

Me: What did you think of the movie?

Alipé: It was entirely incoherent. I couldn't make sense of it.

Me: But it was funny, so all is forgiven in my book. ... Did you see they did a yahoo search during one scene?

Alipé: Did they now? I don't recall that.

Me: Just for a split second, while flipping between ebay screens.

Alipé: I must have had my head in my hands at the time.


Me: I like how they broke the stereotype of the NSA analyst.

Alipé: How's that?

Me: Normally you think of them as geeky code-crackers (not 18-year-old blonde Australian women with nose rings).

Alipé: They also broke the stereotype of having characters that are remotely credible.


Me: At the end, they're kissing while lying ON THE CAR, which is actually a robot.

Alipé: That must be very awkward for the robot.

Me: [laughing]

Alipé: It's like "[mimicking robotic voice] Well, I'll just, er, um, ..."


Philipp Lenssen said...

> At the end, they're
> kissing while lying ON THE CAR

Ahhgh... spoiler!

Please tell me that wasn't important for the plot!

Or rather, tell me there was no important plot to begin with :)

PS: In Die Hard 4.0, the uber-hacker used *Dogpile*. Second movie lately where a computer-savvy person used this engine.

Anonymous said...

You mean. . all ghetto black dudes aren't hackers?!